Can you text while driving a Motorcycle?

Everyone knows that it takes skill to ride a motorcycle, though being able to have always been synonymous with being cool. The feeling of fresh air running through your face as you speed through the cars that are stuck in heavy traffic, it feels good right? Other people always see motorcycles as dangerous and more accident prone, but it’s there and no one can take motorcycles away from the world. So what did the government do? They’ve required riders to wear helmets. Is it enough? Absolutely not, since the real danger lies in not staying focused while you drive.

Consider the Causes and Statistics

Those who ride motorcycles think that they could multi-task. That’s why when they feel their phone vibrate, they get tempted to check the message and even send a reply. Texting and driving a car is one thing, but can you really text while driving a motorcycle?    The answer is simple, yes you can. But can you drive your motorcycle safely while texting? That is the real question.

Just the act of looking at your phone takes your attention away from the road. It’s like closing your eyes for a few seconds. And what’s worse is that you are losing control of your motorcycle. It takes two hands to perfectly balance a motorcycle, and yet you remove one hand from the handle. Now that’s just stupid.

In the U.S. alone, around ten people are killed and more than a thousand are injured because of distracted motorcycle drivers every day. Motorcycles are everywhere around the world and imagine the total count of fatalities. Since motorcycle drivers are exposed, they don’t only injure other people – they also injure themselves. If you’re skeptical of that, simply go on YouTube and you’ll see tons of videos of drivers getting into accidents. Just imagine how the family of someone killed by a distracted motorcycle driver feel. Or worse, what would your family feel if you were the one involved?

About the Need for a True Solution

Texting while riding a motorcycle is illegal, but the laws are ridiculous. In some countries, people caught texting while driving a motorcycle receives fewer penalties than those who broke other traffic laws. It’s absurd that drivers caught red-handed can get away with paying some fines and get some suspension for a few months, and after that, they could go back wreaking havoc again. It’s not discipline and most importantly, not justice. But how does one discipline those motorcycle drivers that just can’t get the habit of texting while driving out of their system? They say experience is the best teacher, but waiting for them to be in an accident is just putting one or more life in danger.

Change and discipline should start in oneself. You should not ask if you can drive while riding your motorcycle, speeding through the traffic. What you should ask is how everyone can be safe on the road. You should think about the consequences of leaving the handles and putting your eyes on the phone. You should think about what it would be like if you were the one that gets hit by someone who is distracted while driving and worse, if you are the one who hits someone while driving. You can get away from the law, but you can never remove the blood of the innocent from your hands.

Choosing to Do the Right Thing

As pointed out earlier, yes you could text while you ride, but the chances are, you’ll be on the hospital bed with the person you got into an accident with. There are practical ways if you just can’t resist the itch of checking who texted or who is calling. You could just stop for a while at the side of the road and safely send a text without putting lives in danger, or just simply send a text after you drive. You don’t have to be someone smart to know that. Have all your fun getting Kik usernames to send Kik nudes to once your done riding.

You might feel skilled, you might feel superior and you are an above average driver, so you might feel good because you can multi-task and save yourself some time. But always remember that knowing that you can, doesn’t really mean that you should. So, the next time you receive a text while driving your motorcycle and you think that you could just reach for it from your pocket and send a message for a few seconds, know that it only takes a few seconds to get yourself and other people in the hospital.