Do Women Prefer a Fashionable Guy as a Boyfriend?

Wondering how fashion takes part in relationships and commitment? Though they say love transcends all things, fashion undeniably plays an important function on how women select a lifetime partner.

Fashion exhibits how a person expresses himself through clothing, accessories and of course, the way of carrying it. It also allows people to display character and personal preferences through clothes, that’s why some individuals base their preferences in fashion.

Why do women choose men who are into fashion? What are the importance of dressing well to impress a woman?

  1. Good appearance makes a good impression first impression.

They say that first impression lasts. This is true to a lot of people, especially in the corporate set-up. Showing up in wrinkled, mismatched clothes does not give a good first impression. Instead, showing up looking dashing and well groomed would not only establish good impression, but also help build a good reputation. Some studies also say that a person who maintains excellent clothing is deemed smart.

  1. Fashion builds character

Some people build their own personality based on the clothes they wear. Similarly, you can also make fashion a part of your being. Get known for your own style, whether it’s ragged, casual, t-shirt and jeans, color-based fashion, among others. In fact, this is how most bloggers turn their hobby into a living – by getting known for their own style.

  1. Good clothes set trends

Men who are into fashion tend to become more appealing to women mainly because of trends, fads and impressions. With the increasing popularity of internet memes, women may have been widely persuaded by standards of how attractive a man in good clothes can be.

With these listed importance of fashion, how do you ensure that you’re wearing the right clothes? This is how to be more fashionable to make the opposite sex turn heads in no time.

  • Pick clothes that accentuate your assets

As the saying goes – if you have it, flaunt it. One of the perks of being fashionable is being able to exhibit the best part of your body. Got broad shoulders? Highlight those structure through a V-neck top. Are you tall and muscular? Choose stripes with vertical lines to further emphasize your height.

Meanwhile, this can also be done in reverse – try to choose apparel that would hide your flaws. If you want to appear slimmer, try to avoid clothes with horizontal design and opt for clothing in darker hues.

  • Choose colors that complement each other

Remember your color wheel lessons way back fourth grade? Surprise! It has a useful function in fashion. When choosing colors, stick to bold shades that appear adjacent across each other in the wheel. For instance, yellow is the perfect complement of violet in the color wheel. This is, of course, the rule of thumb when you want to be bold and loud. If you want to tone down, simply match any bold color with neutral shades including beige, white, gray or even black.

  • Keep track of trends and fads

If you want to be more fashionable, nothing’s more important than being up to date with trends. In today’s digital age, keeping track of the latest trends has become easier, thanks to Instagram and its hashtag system. Simply search the internet to find some possible clothing inspirations to reinvent. This is a good place to explore new fashion ideas to expand your knowledge beyond what’s on your closet.

  • Dress within your comfort zone, but don’t be afraid to experiment

One of the keys in finding the right clothes is to always stick to what’s comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think outside the box. Try to pair two different things that you haven’t tried yet, or try mixing and matching bold colors as an experiment.

While keeping these things in mind, it is also necessary to understand how love and commitment goes beyond clothes. Although the way a person expresses himself can be a significant factor, research shows that there are other contributing aspects that a person looks for when choosing a partner. According to a study, more than 90 percent of women look for men with a stable income source. Other factors include careers, amount of income per month and physical appearance.

In conclusion, do women prefer a fashionable guy as a boyfriend? The answer would be yes and no. Yes, women pay attention to how men dress up, but there’s always more to that. Dress well, just be yourself, and surely, the apple of your eye will notice you in no time.

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