Excellent information about the Facebook features

In a present world many of the people are having Facebook account and it is one of the best ways to chat with your friends all around the world. It is providing numerous numbers of the benefits and most of the hot topics are discussing in this app. Based on the World health organization every forty minutes one death has happen in the world. Fortunately facebook is offering the suicide prevention features and it is involving the direct human intervention. Facebook is not the only company jumping in on this. Snapchat is at the forefront as well. Due to many sites exposing Snapchat nudes the app has had to jump in and make sure safety is carried out to its members. There have been many leaks of private Snapchat being released. Facebook Company has using the advanced technology like artificial intelligence to prevent the suicide. This feature is predicting the person mentality with the help of post. At the same time Facebook says this feature is designing with the pattern recognition technology which is helpful for detecting whether the post is having thought of suicide. If you are posting some content at your facebook account then facebook algorithm is automatically checked by the facebook community operations team. This social media platform is also launching the new suicide prevention tools to the facebook messenger and video.

Everything to know about the Facebook prevention tools

Facebook is providing this feature to the live video and this company is also expanding this new feature into the existing suicide prevention tool. This means people can watch this live streamed video so that they can contact that person either directly or they can also repost at the livestream. This tool is also designing with the numerous numbers of the features which is including

  • In fact it is the integrated suicide prevention tool which is helping to the people in real time at Facebook live
  • It is coming with the live chat support from the emergency support association via messenger
  • It is the streamlined reporting for the suicide and it is assisted by the artificial intelligence

This feature is offering the numerous numbers of the benefits to the people because it is providing information to their facebook friends or stranger. As everyone knows many of the people are posting their situation at facebook so this tool is really helpful to the people. Most of the organizations are partner of this tool such as

  • National eating disorder Association
  • National suicide prevention lifeline
  • Crisis Text line

In case the video could be flagged and facebook is finding that user might need a help then the user could receive the real time resource and option. Actually this announcement is coming from the Mark Zuckerberg. This feature is testing with the date science and artificial intelligence which is helpful for finding patterns involving flagged posts. This kind of the tool is mostly using for the 15 to 29 aged people. National center for health statistics says that highest levels of the suicides are happening at the past three decades. Most of the people are offering positive feedback to this feature because it is working at hundred percentages. With the help of this tool people can easily prevent their friend from suicide. You might be getting this information with the help of livestream option because it could be flagged at high risk so that people can save that person in suicide.

Amazing features in the suicide preventing tool in facebook

Actually facebook is running the test at the live chat support and it is streaming the report with the help of this artificial intelligence. This team is working twenty four hours and this reporting process is using the pattern recognition. This Ai technology is making the report about the “self injury or suicide” so that other people can know about the potential risk of that person. Facebook also announced at Wednesday, people might chat with the certain organization via their pages like Crisis test line and so on. In case you are watching with your friend live stream through live facebook then you might know about their condition. However facebook is the best safest platform for people because it is having the amazing features which are helpful for preventing the suicide. This technical team is working for 24/7 so that they can easily prevent if anyone attempt for suicide. It is utilizing the pattern recognition and artificial intelligence which is based on the posts and it is sufficient to know about whether they are planning or suicide or not.

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Texting and Driving

Today’s world is fast-paced. People like to do things simultaneously – multi-tasking has become the norm. People live in a busy world where time is a luxury they don’t have – and with that, mobile phones have become indispensable. Such devices definitely make life easier. Unfortunately though, mobiles aren’t always advantageous. Sometimes, using them has dangerous consequences.

Texting and driving is when people use their phones to send text messages while being behind the steering wheel. It is one of the top causes of death in the world. It distracts the driver of the vehicle putting not only himself in danger, but also the passengers and the other people around him.

Focusing on Numbers and Actions

It usually takes three to five seconds to peek at your phone and sinfully look at whom texted you while holding the steering wheel. Texting while driving is like closing your eyes while you’re driving or someone suddenly puts a blindfold on you while you drive. After you send a text, you get that feeling that you are a skilled driver because you didn’t crash into somebody. But no, you’re not skilled, you may not be in an accident now, but it will definitely come if texting and driving becomes a habit.

In the U.S., 64% percent of car accidents involve people using their mobile phones while driving. That is a huge chunk of the over 2.5 million citizens that were involved in car accidents in the U.S. alone. Even though the number of deaths is lower in the past years, these deaths still mean that a family will wait for someone who will never be back home.

There is no question that the danger of texting while driving is there and countries all over the world acknowledge it. Since 2001, the world has moved to make laws that will punish those who text and drive, even though smartphones were not available then. Imagine the struggle of those people who text and drive when they have to press the same key repeatedly to get to the letter that they want. Smartphones made texting a lot easier, but that is not an excuse to do it, even if you use a phone holder when you drive.

Pinpointing the Problem’s Roots

These days, people already know it’s dangerous. It will kill not only you, but also the people around you. But why do people still do it? Why do people still risk their lives just so they could send a text that they could send later, or scan through Facebook and Instagram to see what’s trending?

First, people think they can multi-task, especially those who are young. Ten percent of drivers aged 19 and below were involved in crashes, and drivers that are in their 20’s comprise 27 percent of distracted drivers. When people multi-task, they think they are superior and efficient. It makes them think that they are better than anyone else. When they start the habit of texting and driving, it gives them the feeling that they are an above-average driver and accidents will not happen to them, until they actually get in one.

Second, there is a demand for social interaction. Because information delivery and communication is so fast and you can send a message at a click, people love getting in touch with each other every time. This gives people the obligation to reply to a text every time they receive one even if they are driving. Connecting with friends and families is what entertains many these days. The popularity of teen chat apps is extremely popular with teens. Nude teens and naked teens love to go on the Nude Teens App to teen chat and see teen nudes in the middle of driving because they feel compelled to respond immediately. This is not safe and users should be careful while on teen chat. People also derive their self-esteem from social media, and that’s why they need to be constantly connected.

Last, but not the least, and the most obvious reason of them all – society has become addicted. People are addicted to instant communication that every time the phone rings, they can’t stop the urge to check who sent the message or what the message is. Note that this isn’t something new, but it’s something that is now the norm because everyone has a mobile phone. Humans are social beings and are more driven to foster connections than to keep their eyes on the road.

Prevention Starts with You

So how should people defend themselves from the dangers of texting and driving? It’s actually up to each and every individual. There are a lot of practical ways like putting your phone on silent or putting it out of reach. Just always remember that every time you touch that phone and text while you drive, you put lives in danger – including yours.



Can you text while driving a Motorcycle?

Everyone knows that it takes skill to ride a motorcycle, though being able to have always been synonymous with being cool. The feeling of fresh air running through your face as you speed through the cars that are stuck in heavy traffic, it feels good right? Other people always see motorcycles as dangerous and more accident prone, but it’s there and no one can take motorcycles away from the world. So what did the government do? They’ve required riders to wear helmets. Is it enough? Absolutely not, since the real danger lies in not staying focused while you drive.

Consider the Causes and Statistics

Those who ride motorcycles think that they could multi-task. That’s why when they feel their phone vibrate, they get tempted to check the message and even send a reply. Texting and driving a car is one thing, but can you really text while driving a motorcycle?    The answer is simple, yes you can. But can you drive your motorcycle safely while texting? That is the real question.

Just the act of looking at your phone takes your attention away from the road. It’s like closing your eyes for a few seconds. And what’s worse is that you are losing control of your motorcycle. It takes two hands to perfectly balance a motorcycle, and yet you remove one hand from the handle. Now that’s just stupid.

In the U.S. alone, around ten people are killed and more than a thousand are injured because of distracted motorcycle drivers every day. Motorcycles are everywhere around the world and imagine the total count of fatalities. Since motorcycle drivers are exposed, they don’t only injure other people – they also injure themselves. If you’re skeptical of that, simply go on YouTube and you’ll see tons of videos of drivers getting into accidents. Just imagine how the family of someone killed by a distracted motorcycle driver feel. Or worse, what would your family feel if you were the one involved?

About the Need for a True Solution

Texting while riding a motorcycle is illegal, but the laws are ridiculous. In some countries, people caught texting while driving a motorcycle receives fewer penalties than those who broke other traffic laws. It’s absurd that drivers caught red-handed can get away with paying some fines and get some suspension for a few months, and after that, they could go back wreaking havoc again. It’s not discipline and most importantly, not justice. But how does one discipline those motorcycle drivers that just can’t get the habit of texting while driving out of their system? They say experience is the best teacher, but waiting for them to be in an accident is just putting one or more life in danger.

Change and discipline should start in oneself. You should not ask if you can drive while riding your motorcycle, speeding through the traffic. What you should ask is how everyone can be safe on the road. You should think about the consequences of leaving the handles and putting your eyes on the phone. You should think about what it would be like if you were the one that gets hit by someone who is distracted while driving and worse, if you are the one who hits someone while driving. You can get away from the law, but you can never remove the blood of the innocent from your hands.

Choosing to Do the Right Thing

As pointed out earlier, yes you could text while you ride, but the chances are, you’ll be on the hospital bed with the person you got into an accident with. There are practical ways if you just can’t resist the itch of checking who texted or who is calling. You could just stop for a while at the side of the road and safely send a text without putting lives in danger, or just simply send a text after you drive. You don’t have to be someone smart to know that. Have all your fun getting Kik usernames to send Kik nudes to once your done riding.

You might feel skilled, you might feel superior and you are an above average driver, so you might feel good because you can multi-task and save yourself some time. But always remember that knowing that you can, doesn’t really mean that you should. So, the next time you receive a text while driving your motorcycle and you think that you could just reach for it from your pocket and send a message for a few seconds, know that it only takes a few seconds to get yourself and other people in the hospital.